An Insight of the Characters' World

This is a feature where I ask authors to do a guest post discussing about the background of their books and share their experiences in creating the world in which the characters are portrayed.This feature is mainly meant for authors who write YA/MG novels.

*UPDATE: I am no longer doing this feature* 

Rules for participating in An Insight of The Characters' World:
  • You must be a YA or MG author.
  • Though it is not mandatory,I would find it preferable to review your book before doing this feature.
  • This feature also comes with a giveaway,which may be a swag giveaway or giveaway of the book itself.
  • Your post and giveaway for this feature will go live a month before,or the month of the release date of your book.This rule is no longer mandatory.
  • I accept up to two guest posts per month for this feature.This rule is no longer applicable.I will accept as many guest posts that I think I can handle per month.
  • If you're interested in participating or have any questions,please contact me via email: and I'll send you all the details.
Please note that I have every right of declining your request to participate in this feature.This is highly unlikely,but if such a thing happens,I will notify you via email and state my reason for declining.

Thank you for your interest in this feature. 

Here are the Guest Posts of this feature that I've done so far:
 An Insight of The Characters' World: Guest Post and Swag Giveaway by Tina Connolly

Here are the upcoming guest posts of this feature: (The guest posts will be linked once they are up)
December:(Click to view guest posts)
*Guest Post and Giveaway by A.G Howard,author of SPLINTERED(In stores on Jan 2013)
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Lenore Appelhans,author of LEVEL 2(In stores on Jan 2013)
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Kelly Hashway,author of TOUCH OF DEATH(In stores on Jan 2013)

January:(Click to view guest posts)
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Miriam Forster,author of CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS(In stores on Feb 2013)
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Megan Shepherd,author of THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER( In stores on Feb 2013 [Jan 29] )

*Guest Post and Giveaway by Meagan Spooner,author of SKYLARK(Debuting in U.K on Feb 2013)  See post here
 *Guest Post and Giveaway by Leisel Schwarz,author of A Conspiracy Of Alchemists(Debuting in U.K on Feb 2013)See post here

*Guest Post and Giveaway by Jennifer Archer,author of THE SHADOW GIRL(in stores on April 2013)here
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Cat Winters,author of IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS(in stores on April 2013) here

*Guest Post and Giveaway by Emma Pass,author of ACID (in stores on May 2013) HERE
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Liesl Shurtliff, author of RUMP (in stores on April 2013)HERE

*Guest Post and Giveaway by Amanda Sun,author of INK (in stores on June 2013)
*Guest Post and Giveaway by Demitria Lunetta,author of IN THE AFTER (in stores on July 2013)

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