Reboot was a short and fun read. It's like one of those post-apocalyptic books where humans die and "reboot" to become zombies. Only instead of being mindless hungry freaks, they are trained to become soldiers and used for the benefit of humans. Yes, the bad guys here are human.

When I read the blurb and it said the heroine had been dead for 178 minutes - longer than the average time, before she rebooted, and therefore had the least of emotions, I expected to read about a disconnected character who regains her humanity with a cure or something. Well, you can rest assured that the heroine is not like this, but just one snarky girl. She's insecure about her death but otherwise, a respected leader. No, this isn't one of those forbidden romance stories between a human and an undead, but both the hero and heroine are Reboots. Isn't that a nice change of concept?

Callum, oh Callum, with his sweet and funny and determined nature, became one of the most loyal and admirable heroes I've read. I felt so sorry for him when he faced his family.

One thing that irked me was the whole resistance thing - humans and Reboots working together to overthrow the evil human government. Must all dystopian books share this one idea? Whether it was original or not, I wish the couple had escaped for, you know, just because they wanted to. Just because they wanted to be together without killing anyone and following wrong orders. Not because they have to act in a rebellion. For just once, I wish to read about heroes and heroines who started a rebellion, not just participated and suddenly starred in it.

But the best part about this book was how the Reboots are. They're not dirty, boring half-dead creatures. Oh no, they've actually taken to the nature of vampires - no not the blood sucking or immortality part but just the becoming prettier and stronger part. This is a very amusing and original idea, that the undead are better than the humans! 

So while it may not be an irresistible book, it's definitely worth giving a try. I'm looking forward to the sequel eagerly!!