Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Review: The Blood Keeper by Tessa Gratton

The Blood Keeper by Tessa Gratton

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Publication Date: August 30th 2012 by Double Day

Blurb: For Mab Prowd, the practice of blood magic is as natural as breathing. It's all she's ever known. Growing up on an isolated farm with other practitioners may have kept her from making friends her own age, but it has also given her a sense of purpose - she's protective of the magic, and is able to practice it proudly and happily out in the open with only the crows as her companions. But one morning while Mab is attempting a particularly tricky spell, she encounters Will, a local boy who is trying to exorcise a few personal demons of his own. He experiences Mab's magic in a way his mind cannot comprehend and is all too happy to end their chance meeting. But soon, secrets that were kept from Mab by earlier generations of blood magicians are revealed, and she and Will are drawn back together, united against a dangerous force looking to break free from the earth and reclaim its own dark power.

My Review:

 ** I received a finished copy of this book from Random House U.K in exchange for an honest review.** 

 **Please note that my entire review may be based on a comparison to Tessa Gratton's debut,BLOOD MAGIC,because I just couldn't help it. >.<**

THE BLOOD KEEPER was better than it's first novel, BLOOD MAGIC,in so many ways.It had a lot more vibrant and clear voice in its journal entries and more admirable characters as well.The entire story was not that exceptional but the author managed to spice it up with her way of writing.While we do catch brief glimpses of some of the old characters from BLOOD MAGIC,the entire story focuses on the two new characters,Mab and Will.

At first I was a bit reluctant with this foreign setting as I thought that I might miss the old characters Silla and Nick,but as I proceeded on with the story I found Mab and Will so delightful that by the time I was done,I forgot all about my reluctance.I was more than eager to welcome these new characters to take Silla and Nick's place.

My favourite narrator of the story was Mab.She is one character that I will definitely remember.Her wild personality which later turned tame was much more exciting to read about than Silla's one (Her's WAS a bit morbid.) and she had a lot more interesting tricks up her sleeve.

I'd recommend this to readers who loved Blood Magic and even to those who did not,because trust me when I say that this book is a whole lot different than BLOOD MAGIC.

You can check out my review of BLOOD MAGIC HERE.


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