Review Policy And Contact

For any publisher or author who would like me to review their books,I would be very happy to do so.Here are my guidelines for reviewing books:

I mostly read children's books and YA novels of the following genres:Dystopian,Fantasy,Paranormal,Thriller,Contemporary and Sci-Fi.I would prefer to read books of the genres mentioned before,but am also willing to review other genres, if I like the blurb.Since I mostly read YA and children's novels,I'd prefer that you send me review requests for books which fall into that age group.

I will only be accepting eARCs and ebooks for blog tours. For finished copies I will only be accepting hardcover/paperbacks.

I will write an honest review with a rating and will also include any other details as requested by the author/publisher.I will post my review here at my blog, my other blog The Bengali Nomad (if the author/publisher wants it), Amazon and Goodreads. The chances of me writing a review on a book that I rated one-two stars is very less,so please keep that in mind when sending me a review request.However, in this situation, I will notify you via email beforehand. 
Once I'm done with reviewing your book,I will notify you via email.

I will also be happy to host giveaways and guest posts for the books I have agreed to review. Or for any other author wanting to use my blog as a medium. 

Please note that I have every right to decline review requests,which I will if the book does not suit my taste.

  • If you would like to contact me for review requests or any other inquiries,please contact me via EMAIL.

  • If you would like to befriend me on any social media network,please make sure that you have a genuine reason for wanting to be friends.I am very picky when I approve my friendvites and since I get tons of them everyday,I try to keep the approvals to a minimum.

  • I DO NOT follow back anyone unless I want to.

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