Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recommendations #1

So I haven't blogged in a long time but despite that I still keep getting book mails from publishers (though they're not as frequent).Obviously with my O'levels right around the corner I don't have the time to review books as frequently as I did before but I'll try to do recommendation posts like this from time to time to keep you guys up to date with my reads.That way I won't feel as guilty with the publishers sending me books.Now my reading has significantly decreased over the past months,but I still had time to come across some wonderful books.Here are a few:

I came across this book at a Times bookstore outlet in Kotakinabalu,Malaysia when I went there this winter with my family.Typical of me,being indulged in books even during family vacations. 😑

But nevertheless,I absolutely loved this book.Everything about the main character,her thoughts,passion,are so much like my very own,that it's as if the author took out fragments of my thoughts from my mind and molded them into her book.I know,sounds crazy right?

So this is one of those books you would call a hidden gem; sassy and funky on the outside,passionate and mind blowing on the inside.A definite must read!

Now this book isn't exactly a novel,it's a collection of short stories by Melissa Marr,who's apparently really famous for her Wicked Lovely series.However,this is the first of her work that I've read so I wouldn't know. 😒 

A lot of the stories in the book is from the world of the Wicked Lovely series so some of them were really difficult to understand without reading the series.I skipped those ones though.But the reason why I'm recommending this book is because it also has a number of original stories in there which I absolutely loved and felt like they were worth sharing.Just so you don't have to face the difficulties I did,I'll list down the stories for you:

*Winter's Kiss
*Love Struck
*The Sleeping Girl And The Summer King
*Where Nightmares Walk
*Merely Mortal

Winter's Kiss is recommended very highly.Reminded me a bit of The Golden Compass.

Now on to the last book of the day.Credit for the copy goes to Sarah Woodruff and HarperCollins International.The folks at HC INTL are such nice people that they make me want to wrap them up in a bear hug. 😊 And they've got the fastest delivery service too! 👌

My passion for Egyptian Mythology had started out from fourth grade history but until recently, I hadn't had the opportunity to embrace it to its full extent.I've read The Kane Chronicles but unlike a lot of other people I know,I just haven't been able to enjoy it as much.But The Chaos Of Stars let me quench my thirst for Egyptian Mythology.I was able to build up a clear mental image for the story,imagining the main character with unparalleled and regal beauty like that of Cleopatra.And I believe that a good book is one which allows you to build up a vivid mental image of its atmosphere without putting in any effort at all.And this book had it all.The usual adorable YA romance,along with the strong emphasis on the rich ancient Egyptian culture, a perfect blend for YA fantasy and mythology fans.

Hope my recommendations help you all in finding your next favourite read!Feel free to comment and share your thoughts,after all,you guys are the main reason I blog in the first place..along with the free books! :3 If it weren't for you guys,I'd probably be that wierd kid who sits alone at lunchtime talking to her imaginary friend. 😅 

Stay cool!