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Book Review: Freja (Nordic Fairies #2)

Freja (Nordic Fairies, #2)Freja by Saga Berg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Number of Pages: 50
Published:  March 9th 2012
Blurb:  Four months have passed since Svala met Viggo in New York, and she hasn’t heard from him since. When Viggo appears in a popular interview on TV, Svala and her friends gather in Svala’s and Trym’s living room to watch. Svala with the hope Viggo will give her a sign, and let her know how he is doing. He doesn’t. Instead, something happens during the interview that takes Svala completely off guard. On national television, she is reminded of a painful memory from their past.

In the second part of Nordic Fairies, the public display of Viggo and Svala’s most painful secret from their past forces Svala to remember her past. Driven by guilt, Viggo breaks the rules and tries to contact her, but his attempt leaves Svala with more questions than answers.

What is he up to? And what exactly is going on between Viggo and his co-star actress, Amanda Jones?

My Review:

Again,I am depressed by the fact that this is a novella series.It's just too short.But I've got to admit,the author sure knows how to surprise her readers.Freja was so not who I thought she would be.In the first part,the author leaves us in a cliff-hanger with Freja's identity a mystery.And here,she reveals that identity in the most surprising way ever.And within the entire fifty pages of the story,she also decides to create a bit of what you would call an about to be love triangle situation for about two pages.Now that's what I call impressive!If only she made the book a bit longer.I'm too scared to touch the third book 'cause I feel like it's going to end with yet another cliffhanger and make me burst into tears.But then again I know that curiosity will always get the better of me and the fact that I never learn from my mistakes.>.< Oh well,can't wait to start reading the third one now that the cliff-hanger's practically eating up my brain!
Happy reading to me! =D

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