Sunday, May 15, 2016

Comeback Into The Blogging World For Good... And Giveaway!!!!

If you've read my last blog post, then you'll know that I've been attending a boarding school in the United States for the past two years. During that time I've been taking a blogging break (I know, two years is a long time for a break) but I want to start blogging again, because I used to love it so much. Also, I am graduating high school in less than 13 days!!! How crazy is that? Which is why I think that now, since I have senioritis anyway, would be the best time to reboot into the network of book bloggers. And what better way to celebrate my official return (hopefully) into the book blogging world than having a giveaway? I figured that since I'm going to have to move out of my school dorm anyway, I might as well give away my books to people who will appreciate them (A.K.A bookworms!). But before that, I'd like to update you guys a little bit on what I've been up to (again, I know I did that last year too but failed to follow through it), and then you'll find the giveaway at the bottom of my post. Enjoy! 

Top 2 Highlights Of My Senior Year: (In No Particular Order)


YES. So I went on the school sponsored trip to Eastern Europe over spring break, and honestly it was one of the best trips I've ever had! Our group merged with three other school groups and we did all the travelling within Europe together. A junior from my school and I were randomly assigned as bunkmates with these two girls from Vermont, and it was like instant connection! The four of us then ended up bunking together as a quad throughout the entire trip. It's funny how you can become so close to people over the course of a week. We still communicate every once in a while, and it would be really awesome if sometime in the future we all had the opportunity to go on another trip together. Our tour group visited four cities: Berlin, Prague, Krakow and Budapest , and other than flying into Berlin and flying out from Budapest, we did most of our travelling on a tour bus. The only part of the trip that I didn't like was visiting the Nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz (Poland), but then again I still believe that it was an important experience because the visit was meant to be a reminder of one of the many things that went wrong in history. And hopefully these past incidents will make us consider our actions in the future and keep us from repeating the mistakes of the past. (Maybe Trump should visit Auschwitz **cough** ,**cough**). Well moving on, below are photographed memories of some "happy" experiences.( I say "some" because there are so many )


Now I started Model UN after I joined the Model UN club at my school here in the United States. So as you can imagine, my first MUN conference was in the U.S , at UConn actually.  But the reason why I chose DUNMUN as a top highlight of the year is not only because it was my first MUN conference in Bangladesh, but also because I met a lot of cool Bangladeshi people WITHIN my generation there (and some old classmates as well!) . For me this is particularly important because while I was having an awesome time in the U.S, I kind of grew apart from people my age back in Dhaka. And it was the DUNMUN conference in particular that helped me reconnect with them. I still don't have any solid future plans: I do know that I am going to start out college at Fordham University, but I might want to transfer midway because I am the kind of person who likes travelling to new places and since I've already lived in the U.S. for two years, I think I might give college in Europe or East Asia a shot. But who knows? Only time will tell.

(YES, I am the awkward kid in the red suit)

I also had a successful season in both debate and MUN (lots of trophies and certificates) so super proud of that. I got into fitness in the beginning of the year and dropped a lot of pounds but gained it all back when AP season came around.(What else is new) But that's all I can think of . Without further ado, I present to you, the giveaway!!

What's up for grabs:



Hungarian Paprika from my Europe Trip:

And of course, postcards from each destination I visited on my trip to Europe. (Berlin, Prague, Krakow and Budapest). Giveaway is open internationally and will have four winners. Good luck! :)
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