Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kindle Spring Clean Giveaway Hop Signup

Hi guys,I've decided to start this new giveaway hop called "Kindle Spring Clean Giveaway Hop". In this event I've decided that we'll only do giveaways on eBooks.You know how your kindle/e reader is filled with books that you've already read and how the only thing it's doing is taking up space?Well how about giving them away to other readers who might enjoy reading them?Got your attention,huh.Any blogger can participate in this hop.Just make up your introductory post for the hop about which books you're going to offer for giveaway and from which day it's going to start.Once done,leave the link in this post.Now for participating you also have to follow some guidelines.Here they are:
  • You can host your giveaway on any number of books,but please make sure not to host giveaways on ARCs or review copies without prior permission from the author or publisher.

  • Signups last till the end of September.If at least ten bloggers do not participate in this event until then, the giveaway hop will be cancelled.So make sure to invite lots of friends! :)

  • The event will be held from the first till the thirteenth of October .So make sure that your giveaway is scheduled during that duration in the rafflecopter widget.

  • And lastly,have fun!And grab the button below to get started.(Disclaimer:I do not own the photo.I just did some editing using photobucket)

Kindle Spring Clean Giveaway Hop


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