Monday, July 10, 2017

It's Monday! What are YOU Reading?

** Originally posted at The Bengali Nomad**


It's Monday! What are YOU Reading? is a meme hosted by Kathryn at the Book Date. In my opinion, the meme is a great way to share what you have been, are, and about to be reading over the week. In other words, basically yet another way for book nerds to gush over read/unread books. 

So if you've read my weekly recap post or follow me on Instagram (1102Daydreaming if you haven't already done it!), you'll know that I've had a pretty exciting week overall. My family and I traveled to Bali, Indonesia, then to Singapore. It was such a great way for all of us to get away from our daily lives! I am going to try doing a blog post on my travels (especially a scuba diving post!) to help out anyone thinking about planning future vacations in that region. 

I am also taking part in the Blog Tour of The Last Gambit (published by Harper Collins and hosted by YA Bound Book Tours ) So check back here on July 25th for a review + giveaway! 

 What I Read Last Week:

It had been almost a year since my last dive, so I thought that I might as well do some reviewing before I dive again. It did help a little bit, but I realized that I was worrying unnecessarily as the dive site wasn't super deep (12 metres max). Nevertheless, it was a decent dive. If anyone's interested, the site was in Nusa Dua, Bali (Indonesia).

             What I Am Currently Reading:

I picked up this book at the Kinokuniya in Takashiyama Mall, Singapore (located in Orchard road). Kinokuniya is probably the largest bookstore chain in East Asia, the one in Takashiyama Mall being their largest store (in other words, every book lover's paradise). It's been several years since I've been searching for a book on the history of Amazons, and I'm really glad that the recent Wonder Woman movie has brought them into the limelight (in my opinion, the stories of the Amazons have always been underrated). John Man is really good at analyzing history for the common people. Maybe I'll post a review on this once I'm done reading.

Up Next:

These three titles are on my immediate TBR list, but I'm still not sure about which book I'll be reading first. For all I know, I might just be the Alex Rider book (I'VE WAITED SIX YEARS FOR THIS!) but only time will tell. I'm also very interested in BALI Sekala and Niskala, a book that explores religion, spirituality and art in Balinese culture. Maybe a random draw would help! 😉

Feel free to leave a link in comments if you'd like me to check out your It's Monday! What are YOU Reading? post. Do any of the books in my pile interest you in particular? Let me know!


  1. What an exciting trip to wonderful and fascinating places! Your reading list looks great as well. Happy Reading!

  2. Mostly new to me books. Have a good week. We're in the last few days in our current place. It seems like the work to move will never end. Come see what I'm reading when I'm not packing.


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