Manga Crush!

Other than being a huge fan of YA novels, I am also a fan of mangas and anime. So to express my love for mangas and anime and to connect with those who share similar feelings, I have created this meme.
Manga Crush! is a weekly meme hosted here where you rant about a manga character on whom you have recently developed a crush.Here's how the meme works:
  • You can grab the meme button on the left-hand side-bar of my blog or create your own.
  • You can do this meme on any day of the week! That's the beauty of it! So you're not obliged to do your post on any particular day.
  • Give a description of your manga crush's personality.
  • Talk about why you have a crush on the particular manga character. Try to include some photos of him/her which had you drooling. ;)
  • Include the manga from which the character is taken.Also include a few details such as the name of the writer and the manga artist, the blurb, and the year it was released. That way other Manga Lovers can also "discover" him if they already haven't.
  • Once you have posted your Manga Crush!, enter the link to your post on the of my MOST recent Manga Crush! post.
  • You DON'T have to be a follower of Daydreaming Bookworm to participate in this meme. 
  • Comment on the post and share your thoughts to connect with other manga lovers who are also participating in this Meme.  :).
Spread the word. Let others know about this meme and how they can participate. 
 You can find a list of my Manga Crush! posts at the Weekly memes at Daydreaming Bookworm page.

That's it! Hope you have fun doing this! =D


  1. Just wanted to say that I love your anime/manga buttons on the sidebar. There are so few book review bloggers that also review mangas and graphic novels. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh gosh this sounds fun! I love manga and I review them but this might be a meme I will do. :)

    New follower
    Thanks for the follow

    1. Hi thanks for commenting Delaney! :) I'm planning on starting this meme again <3

  3. Totes goin to add this to my to do list I love manga/anime, and I never have not ever not had a crush on an anime guy,it's just impossible to not! :D

  4. i love manga
    and i have many manga crushes
    ichigo kurosaki from bleach and takumi usui from kaichou wa maid sama are my manga crushes

    1. Usuia is bae <3 But I'm more of a Tora Igarashi fan from the manga.


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